New in the Sonnenhof Milon-Zirkel

“WELL-ROUNDED” CIRCUITS FOR YOUR HEALTH  - Fit in 20 minutes - top fit in 40 minutes 

Do you ever find yourself going round in circles with your health? Why don’t you get inside the circle and do some exercise! Our milon circuit training offers a nice combination of strength and endurance exercises to ensure an effective total body workout. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner looking to do a bit more exercise or an experienced gym bunny looking for a boost in performance – our workout programmes are perfect for all levels. Age is but a number! There’s always time to get more active – choose a healthier future today! 

EASY. Your personal training programme is saved onto your own chip card. Simply insert your chip card in the exercise machine before your workout, and everything will be automatically adjusted to your personal requirements in a matter of seconds. 

Please note that you will only be issued with a personal chip card once you’ve been inducted by a therapist. 

SAFE. Your personal training programme will guarantee the right choice of weights, optimal ergonomic machine settings, controlled movements, a healthy heart rate during exercise, and continuous muscle building and conditioning. 

EFFECTIVE. A predetermined level of resistance is automatically generated when raising and lowering the machines in our circuit to ensure a personal, efficient and healthy workout.


  • Pain relief in the back and joints
  • Increased metabolism – burn more fat
  • Prevention of osteoporosis (strong skeleton, connective tissue and muscles)
  • Reduced stress on the joints
  • Easy workouts for young and old
  • Stamina boost to help with everyday physical challenges
  • Better posture
  • Increased overall body strength


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